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Earn Passive Income On Autopilot.

Earn Passive Income with a Done-For-You
Affiliate Site That Runs on Autopilot 24/7.
Jumpstart Your Business with Our Top-Converting Affiliate Sites PROVEN to Rank, and GUARANTEED to Make You Money Long Term.
Jumpstart Your Business with Our Top-Converting Affiliate Sites PROVEN to Rank, and GUARANTEED to Make You Money Long Term.
Jumpstart Your Business with Our Top-Converting Affiliate Sites PROVEN to Rank, and GUARANTEED to Make You Money Long Term.
How to Get Started and Create a Reoccurring Passive Income Stream with Our Affiliate Site Setup Services

Submit Your URL & Anchor Text After Purchase. We Can Also Assist You With Anchor Text Selection.


We Deliver Your Order With A White-Label Link Report. Perfect for Client SEO Or Personal Use.

Andrew Marzano
Hey Patrick just wanted to thank you for the Outreach service you & your team did for me. Got some great links on some quality sites. You promised & you delivered. Thanks again man!
Andrew Marzano
Southern California Home Buyers
Tibor Szalay
I recently tried isynergymedia’s outreach service. The link they provided was top notch! Placed on a very strong domain with way above average metrics. Traffic stats are also decent and since niche relevance is high I know I can expect few sales here and there from referral traffic alone. And that’s just a single link!
Tibor Szalay
100% RISK FREE 6 Month Money Back Guarantee

Here at Isynergy Media we do what it takes to protect your investment, and give you a risk-free, worry-free experience. Based on past results, we’re so confident that our done-for-you affiliate site setup service will make you money, that we’re giving you our special 6 Month Money Back Guarantee.

Our Promise to You: If you don’t make a single dollar with your website after 6 months, we’ll give you your money back, no excuses, no questions asked. All you have to do is return the site to us. *Terms and conditions apply. Inquire for details.

3 Simple Steps to Profit How isynergymedia Builds Done-For-You Affiliate Sites That Make You Money Virtually on Autopilot
We Build You a Niche-Specific Affiliate Website on a High-Quality, Aged Domain with Strong Backlink History

Here at Isynergy Media we don’t cut corners, and everything is done-for-you. Critical tasks that we handle when building your site include:

• Keyword/niche research
• Product research
• Proper on-page optimization

Like we said, this is 100% DONE-FOR-YOU. There’s absolutely no work involved on your end.

With over 10 years’ experience in building websites that make money, we’ll craft your perfect money site, and get the cash flowing fast.

We Help You Get Started by Delivering Your Website with an Easy-to-Follow Instruction Guide


As a part of our dedication to making your affiliate site successful, we provide you with an easy-to-follow quick-start guide, and 7+ hours of SEO training.


This will teach you how to maximize the potential of your website, and keep it profitable for years, and decades to come.


Build Backlinks & Drive Buyer-Ready Traffic to Your Site

Ranking a site on page one takes between one to three months to accomplish.

As your ranking increases, you’ll begin to see increased sales and affiliate commissions as more targeted traffic arrives on your money site.

If you need help building a backlink network, and driving more buyer-ready traffic to your money site, take a look Isynergy Media other services.

We provide everything you need to rank your money site, drive traffic, and increase your profit.

We Will Choose A Profitable, Evergreen Niche For You!

Finding a profitable, evergreen niche can be a big challenge for most people.

That’s where the DFY service comes in and takes away the hassle of finding a great niche!

After years of being active in the affiliate marketing space, we’ve created a rock-solid “profitable niche finding” criteria.

Here are the niche standards that have always worked great for our clients.

– Low to moderate competition in Google
– Evergreen products
– Between 100 to 1000+ searches a month
– High converting products (according to Amazon or Clickbank)
– Sub-Niche (A niche within a competitive niche)

You will promote top-converting products and target profitable, low-competitive keywords.

The DFY service exists to make life easier for you as an affiliate marketer, whether you’re a beginner or intermediate.

Do you already have a niche in mind?

No problem, we can build a custom site based on your niche.

Isynergy Media is Perfect for Affiliate Marketing
and Local SEO Business Models. We Will Work to
Make Your Business as Successful as Possible

Whether you’re new to affiliate marketing, or an experienced affiliate marketer who wants to skip the tedious task of building an affiliate website, Isynergy Media is here for you.

Our affiliate site setup service is 100% DONE-FOR-YOU, allowing you to reap the rewards of owning a professionally created money site while doing none of the work.

Tasks that we handle for you include:

– Niche Research
– Keyword Research
– Product Research
– Content Writing
– On-Page Optimization
– Site Design
– Hosting Setup
– Monetize the site


If you own a local SEO agency, and would like to diversify and add more income sources, The Isynergy Media Affiliate Site Setup Service is perfect for you.

Having an affiliate site that makes money practically on autopilot can provide revenue for:

• Marketing your business

• Hiring additional employees/contractors

• Purchasing new hardware/software

• And other investments into your business

Owning a Isynergy Media custom build affiliate money site can also allow you to shift the focus of your online business towards passive income.

This means less time spent dealing with clients & unrealistic expectations, and more time spent enjoying life with your family and friends.

PROVEN RESULTS: Why Top-Tier Affiliate
Marketers Like Working with Isynergy Media
Case Study #1: This site made $454 in 30 Days promoting Amazon products
using a 3-month-old affiliate site with just a handful of PBN links.

Case Study #2: This site generated $4,995 in just 4 Months with Adsense ads.

Case Study #3: Here is an Affiliate Site That Got Page 2 Rankings IMMEDIATELY after Being Indexed by Google. Now That’s What We Call Effective SEO!

Case Study #3: Here is an Affiliate Site That Got Page 2 Rankings IMMEDIATELY after Being Indexed by Google. Now That’s What We Call Effective SEO!

Case Study #5: And Another Site Experiences INSTANT Ranking Results Thanks to the UpTo-Date SEO Strategies and Tactics of Isynergy Media .

  • Aged, Brandable Domain With Quality Backlinks
  • Save Over 50% In SEO Costs!
  • Premium Thrive Theme Template
  • On-Page Optimization
  • Done-For-You Niche Research
  • Done-For-You Keyword Research
  • Inner Pages
  • Top-Quality Content
  • Monetization: Amazon, Adsense or Clickbank
  • Earning Potential
  • Turnaround Time

  • x
  • x
  • 5 Keywords
  • 5 Pages
  • 5.000 Words
  • $500 to $2000+ per month
  • 10 Business Days

$497/Per site

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  • 5 Keywords
  • 5 Pages
  • 5.000 Words
  • $500 to $2000+ per month
  • 10 Business Days

$997/Per site

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  • 10 Keywords
  • 10 Pages
  • 10.000 Words
  • $500 to $3000+ per month
  • 10 Business Days


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Let’s Break Things Down…
Features Benefits
Aged, Brandable Domain With Quality Backlinks
* Only with Standard & Premium Package
Save money on link building costs and avoid the Google Sandbox by allowing us to build your affiliate site on an aged, brandable domain with quality backlinks.
Beautifully Designed Affiliate Site Having a beautiful site will contribute to higher conversions and lower bounce rate, which is great for SEO.
Effective On-Page Optimization Effective and natural on-page optimization is crucial for higher rankings in Google. We will implement our proven-to-rank “On-Page Formula” so you are well on your way to Page #1.
Done-For-You Keyword Research Keyword research can be very tedious and time-consuming. Luckily for you, we love doing it. Plus, we’re pretty awesome at finding profitable, low competitive keywords.
Done-For-You Niche Research There are 1000s of profitable “hidden” niches available, and we’re able to find them quickly for you.
Researched, Manually Written Content Researched and well-written content is crucial for earning you affiliate commissions. Our team consists of talented American writers that know how to engage your audience.
High Earning Potential Your site will target a profitable, low-competitive and evergreen niche. The higher you rank, the more you will earn. The earning potential of our affiliate sites ranges between $500 to $3K a month.
Monetization: Amazon, Adsense or Clickbank We will monetize your site with Amazon, AdSense or Clickbank. By using 2 of the 3 models, we’re able to maximize your earning potential. Your site will only promote profitable and top-converting products.
Step-by-Step Video Training Receive step-by-step affiliate marketing training in our private member’s area. We want to see you succeed as fast as possible, so why not maximize your potential by getting results-driven SEO training?
Get Your Done-For-You Money Site Now and Begin Earning Reoccurring Monthly Passive Income for Years to Come

Having an affiliate site that provides you with passive income month after month is an incredible asset to own.

The additional revenue can be invested in your other business ventures, or allow you to spend more time doing what you love in life.

Isynergy Media has built over 100 successful affiliate money sites which provide our clients, with passive income every day.

Our PROVEN track record of success allows us to offer you our 6 Month Money Back Guarantee, so that you can get your money site created 100% RISK FREE.

Click the Link Below for information on our pricing and plans, and let Isynergy Media begin building your passive income money site today.